About Us

   National Informatics Centre (NIC)was setup in 1977 as a constituent Unit under the Deptt. of Electronics to provide Computer Based Informatics Services to Government Departments and bodies. From the year 1985-86 NIC has extended it's informatics support services to State Govt. Department, Union Territory Administrations. In March 1988 NIC was transferred from Deptt. of Electronics to Planning Commission. Thereafter in Oct'1999 it was again transferred from Planning Commission to Newly formed Ministry of Information Technology.

National Informatics Centre is a Nodal S&T organisation for informatics development and Networking in Govt. and Corporate Sectors their for decision making.

Organisational Setup & Network Infrastructure ::

   NIC essentially operates as an Informatics Service and promotion organisation providing Computer and Communication infrastructure, Computer Specialists, S/w development and training to various Department of Central/State Goverment and District   Administration NIC State Centres are located at Capital/HQs of State/UT's. The District Informatic Centres are located in the office of Distt Administration.

   There are infrastrural support groups at NIC Hqs who carry out specilised activities such as development of s/w tools, maintenance of H/w etc., & provide innovative support application groups. The emphasis is given to develop specialised s/w tools and Standardisation of s/w techniques and quality documentation using s/w engineering principles.

   NICNET, the satellite Network of the Organisation, is the only National Information Infrastructure (NII) in India at present having both C-Band and KU-Band VSATs, Wireless MANs and LANs with a reach upto all distt and several tehsils/Blocks so as to facilitate IT-led development in Govt. and promotional applications of National importance.

   NICNET provides a wide range of Network services such as INTERNET service, X.400 mail service, X.500 directory services, Electronic Date Interchange (EDI), 5 City simultaneous Video Conferencing facility and Web services. Concept of Global distribution lists has been implemented at NIC mail servers. Network decentralisation has been achieved with the installation of Local Area Networks with NICNET Gateway in various Central and State Govt. offices throughout the country. Informatics Scientists and technologists of NIC are involved in design and development of decision support system in Government Departments including - transaction processing, Data-base development, MIS, GIS based DSS, Executive Support System, Multi Media Information System and Indian Language based Computer processing.